the most beautiful bridal hairstyles and short hairstyles

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High forehead

In order not to stretch the high forehead optically, it is important that the glasses sit high and cover the eyebrows.


If you want to hide wrinkles around the eyes, you can find the right glasses in models with a wide rim and a wide temple.

Noticeable chin

A prominent chin can be very prominent. If you want to distract from it, we recommend choosing glasses that are round at the bottom and stand out in color.


Full cheeks

Cateye models, which are also known as so-called cat's eye models, ensure optical stretching.

Looking for more beauty and styling tips? Here we clarify the question: Which sunglasses fit which face? And here you will find the most beautiful bridal hairstyles and short hairstyles.

The Scandinavians love to wear their real hair wigs uk hair very casually. Whether open, tied in a simple knot or in a braid. Despite these (at first glance) very simple hairstyles, they also follow certain rules ...


1.Mittel vertices

With both open and tied hair, the Scandinavians always use a center parting or a very light side parting. This immediately makes the look look clean and frames the face nicely. The crown does not have to be perfectly drawn.


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