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  1. Many players do not wish to feel like they'll miss out of RS gold performing dailies/weeklies/pvm through the week, and I understand many burn off through the weekend anyways to minimize that impact (defeating the purpose of the new DXP model). Aside from that, Mod Hypnos talked about a number of the items which can be implemented into RuneScape, and I hope he and his team get the props they deserve if it's all implemented. A brand new configuration interface is desperately desired (that seasoned players can not navigate it well is telling), and items like greater pathing from map navigation, UI scaling, and other UX improvements, etc... All result in RuneScape being more pleasurable for new and existing players. I expect RuneScape will not get upgrade starved. PvMers are dying for a new supervisor. We have not had a pursuit in weeks and Desperate Measures is available. Archaeology is fantastic but you need to put something on the horizon to make folks stick around. DXPW is only a cheap trick in this circumstance, and conducting them is unacceptable and frankly unsustainable so far as playerbase goes. Don't waste the chance Archaeology gave you. I'm gonna mind. Accepting reaper off comp was designed to give design space to them to make real challenging bosses. We never get bosses so I really don't want to wait another year + for them to follow the 4 dps dummies with something actually fun up. I've no idea what could be appreciated and literally no expertise in PvM. So what would be a"fun" boss in your opinion? Are there any particular mechanics that you wish to see? Generally, the higher degree PvM community would likely want something that both requires high level equipment to do effectively AND drops high level weapon/armor/prayer, etc.. A variety such as at Vorago could be an option or a fast pace like at RotS may work. In the same way, so only the best of the best could climb an enrage mechanic which changes the problem of the struggle would offer a great deal of cheap RuneScape gold challenge. The past couple of bosses we have had - barring Solak and solo Ambassador - have been grade. And as if this isn't enough, half the rewards from such supervisors are hardly used because of the crazy upkeep prices (T92 Tectonic/Sirenic).