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  1. All of our experiences and our thing are amazing to hear about. What is your story? I began with PSO v1 around Dreamcast, but unfortunately - either due to region an returned game having the code redeemed (or maybe even a store staff member lifting the Hunter License code) - I was not able to play online. I was able to achieve Dark Falz on normal before returning it frustrated. I loved every minute of it and played PC Ver two, made a lot of meseta pso2 friends and obtained my character to Lv 200. This is a shot of several regional friends and I preparing to shoot on Vol Opt. Australia did not get PSO Episode 1 & 2 on GameCube or Xbox (or at least it had been quite hard to find), so I imported the US version and played it offline to Lv. 200 again. The Climate Control Region and Towers stay some of my favourite places in PSO Ep 2! In that time period I left some friends locally who had played with PSO on Dreamcast because launch, we ended up all playing Blue Burst together. I finally moved on to the US servers and started out by participating in the Beta. This shot was taken following several'Towards the Future' runs! I played with with a HUmar in Ver 2's wee hours, but eventually settled from that moment forward. Fast forward a few more decades and PS Universe is declared, I immediately joined the PSUPedia community, making a whole bunch of buddies on IRC and started my mill again. This time I had been one of those Individual casts focusing on the Hunter path. I capped at about lv 80 out but that is a shot from the first level cap of 50. I dabbled in the PSP games PSP2 never got localised properly. I really started playing it recently as a match for travel and it's been super nostalgic to return to it. Pictured is the first PSP game with Vivienne, who you could encounter in crisis codes in PSO2! Fast forward to now, where I have been playing with the Japanese version using Neo, that I befriended properly during the PSO2 Closed Beta for NA. We have been making an Alliance together using a focus of helping new players!So, there's my history over the past twenty decades of internet PSO games. What's your story? At least having an choice to host your lobbies and the capability for friends to join. I miss this. I'd played Diablo at friends' houses and read about MMO games like Everquest and Ultima Online in magazines, how addictive they could be or even the wacky antics players could get up to in an online, social atmosphere. Because a gamer who would not have access to buy PSO2 Meseta some PC for a long time to come, these adventures remained firmly outside of my grasp.
  2. The drama requires several alterations to stop. So then it's all cheese, when you're playing WL now you have ta have your phone out ready to google lol.Then you gotta pray to the cartoon gods lol.I laugh when ppl say it's pay to Mut 21 coins triumph in MUT, since you know somebody just got burned and must then locate a way to explain it or justify just how ridiculous what occurred to them was. Well I am here to tell you it's just a crazy game full of crazy bs lol, you can have a 90 OVR team or some 99 and crazy shit will indeed occur that seems like only madden fuckery that is trying to come for you. But you come on here and realize, nah it's only Madden NFL. Is it the Taysom Hill package option? I have run into it several times but never went up against somebody that went non-stop with it. Seems like a recipe for a Great Deal of turnovers. It's from gun trey y flex I think and tbh, I've tried it (had my very first cellular qb) and that I Had 9/10 times on conservative. It was on how to eliminate a match against anybody capable, a recipe. It isn't in that bundle and I just got one select and committed to the run and one guy still rushed 25 days using weigh the clock for approximately 250. It was going to happen. Said it a couple of months back but on something such as NHL you can have the best Madden NFL player in the world training you to get a week and, sure you will improve but you have to be able to execute exactly what you've been taught at rapid speed. Madden isn't that kind of game, it's a knowledge foundation. That situation is going to play out time and time again As soon as you understand how to implement X. I'm being somewhat reductionist but what I am wanting to get at is at madden, once you know something, if your opponent doesn't know the counter it is likely to function 19/20 times permitting for freak RNG, you don't especially have to have'talent' to execute it. In that sense, without balancing out of the development team during the year (they MUST improve with this) madden will always be this way within this generation.I couldn't agree more on this point. You can scheme the most effective defensive fit again and again but they've enabled stretch and corner paths to be unstoppable. So disheartening. I am not going to claim this is even a method, or the best way, but here is what I do. I look at that his QB and his RB are and I pick my poison. So if he has Lamar or Vick or Cunningham I will set option D into conservative (concentrate on the QB). Have one of those QB's. If instead his RB is a bigger threat, I set alternative defense to aggressive (focus on the handoff). And I discover that Nickel 2-4-5 or Nickel 2-4-5 twice A gap are the configurations to stop it. Decide on a play that has both or one of the middle linebackers in zones that are yellow. Tampa two functions. Or cover and perceptible the MLB to a Buy Madden nfl 21 coins yellow zone.
  3. Many players do not wish to feel like they'll miss out of RS gold performing dailies/weeklies/pvm through the week, and I understand many burn off through the weekend anyways to minimize that impact (defeating the purpose of the new DXP model). Aside from that, Mod Hypnos talked about a number of the items which can be implemented into RuneScape, and I hope he and his team get the props they deserve if it's all implemented. A brand new configuration interface is desperately desired (that seasoned players can not navigate it well is telling), and items like greater pathing from map navigation, UI scaling, and other UX improvements, etc... All result in RuneScape being more pleasurable for new and existing players. I expect RuneScape will not get upgrade starved. PvMers are dying for a new supervisor. We have not had a pursuit in weeks and Desperate Measures is available. Archaeology is fantastic but you need to put something on the horizon to make folks stick around. DXPW is only a cheap trick in this circumstance, and conducting them is unacceptable and frankly unsustainable so far as playerbase goes. Don't waste the chance Archaeology gave you. I'm gonna mind. Accepting reaper off comp was designed to give design space to them to make real challenging bosses. We never get bosses so I really don't want to wait another year + for them to follow the 4 dps dummies with something actually fun up. I've no idea what could be appreciated and literally no expertise in PvM. So what would be a"fun" boss in your opinion? Are there any particular mechanics that you wish to see? Generally, the higher degree PvM community would likely want something that both requires high level equipment to do effectively AND drops high level weapon/armor/prayer, etc.. A variety such as at Vorago could be an option or a fast pace like at RotS may work. In the same way, so only the best of the best could climb an enrage mechanic which changes the problem of the struggle would offer a great deal of cheap RuneScape gold challenge. The past couple of bosses we have had - barring Solak and solo Ambassador - have been grade. And as if this isn't enough, half the rewards from such supervisors are hardly used because of the crazy upkeep prices (T92 Tectonic/Sirenic).